The Clock

The Clock - My everyday wake up time


I use The Clock series to document causalities that happened in my everyday life.


"Time" is never the "time" when we ask "what time is it," it is an unperceivable factor that has been transformed into two-dimensional angles and digits for us to understand. Clock makes the time readable and measurable by applying instructions for the readers; without the decoding rules inserted in viewers' heads, it will be meaningless numbers and moving hands.


I created my own system for The Clock series to make weekly collages base on how clock itself works as a system, transforming the time at the moment into a surface. I believe "week" is a special unit of time. It does not indicate any astronomical phenomena as the way day, month, or year do. It is a result of civilization, a human-made system, just like the clocks. For one year, I took one photograph of my clock every day when I woke up, then made collages following the rules. For example, I cut down then recombine each image into two formations that contain the same amount of information each week but require different ways to read: one with hands and one without. This "wake up time" is the starting point of my day; it is also the uncontrollable input for my system of leading to various outputs with different shapes and combinations.