The Room - The created space of memory

 I take photographs of the elements that kept appearing in my room no matter where I lived. I didn’t intentionally place them in my room, I didn’t even notice some of them were around me all the time, but they were always there and they created the most habitual environment for me. I am used living in the space with them. I took photographs of each element in a recursive way just like how it repeated in my daily life.

Taking photographs of these objects makes me feel like a collector. The more I collect, the more familiar I feel they are. I was wondering why, and then, I remembered a period of my childhood. My mom told me everything is dangerous, there is no one can be trusted, I was not allowed to go outside alone. “Alone” doesn’t mean by myself, for most of the time, it means without parents. 

For the time I stayed in the house I lived in, I built up relationships with all the objects in the house since I had almost no one else to talk to. An object would become something else once you imbued too much emotion with it. I started to have connections with them. 


Eventually,  I will print out the objects in actual sizes, place the prints in different empty spaces and make all the spaces become my room, the room full of memories.